We bring the technology of virtual reality to a new level where people can experience current and futur projects online or with desktop applications. Our needs to adapt to the new situation forces us to exploit the virtual technology to allow people to meet and take decisions faster with the best options available through immersive technology.

Bringing people together for better decision making

Advantages and features

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  • Integration of your own projects

  • Hyper-realistic renderings

  • InviteĀ  your customers to meet in virtual space

  • Exchange ideas directly

  • Wonder around in different modes

  • Capture information in screen capture

Our solution allows exchanges between the various participants in meeting in one place to experience present and future projects while interacting with others online.

  • Walk around using avatar or in relocation points similar to street view

  • Converse with various people

  • Chat through messaging

  • Access web pages for extra content *

  • Capture images for later references*

    * Available in future release

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Areas we apply our solution

  • Virtual visits for real estates

  • Manufacturing and design reviews

  • Maintenance and training

  • Retails and tourism

  • Many more . .

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