Project Description

Project Description:

Complete StairCase Configurator for TouchScreen

Project Summary:


To keep his status of leader in Quebec and to offer a new way to show the infinite possibilities of the staircase, we created a mobile Configurator for Le Centre de l’Escalier, allowing traveling salesmen to have access to the complete line of products and possibilities right from their iPad, as well as having the exact same app on a big interactive screen in the showroom

The Concept

With this app app, the sales team can create a custom project for each client, as well as supporting compatibilities throughout the whole product line, limiting the risk of back and forth caused by an un-experienced salesman that built a quote with incompatible products. If a picture worth a thousand words, imagine having exactly the picture your client wants to see!

It’s even possible to generate an estimate of the cost directly to the app and to connect everything to your CRM.

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