Project Description

Project Description:

Rinox EXP 2019 Catalog Edition

Rinox Multi Platform

Project Summary:


Following 2018’s success with the augmented catalog, Rinox decided to once again use augmented technologies to make their catalogs standout from the competition. This year, not only did they decided to go 100% digital with their catalog, we made sure it is now multi-platform through a wide range of devices.

The Concept

The company decided that printing thousand of copies of a multiple catalogs would be a step in the opposite direction in terms of the environmental consciousness they’re aiming for. Having 5 catalogs, for their different branches and sectors, french and english, that represents a lot of possibilities and a lot of informations.

That is the reason why we were mandated this time to create their catalog but strictly digitally, and to be deployed on multiple platforms

  • Web Version

    • The web version also incorporates all kind of 3D assets and 3D configurators, directly FROM the catalog itself.

  • Mobile Version

    • The mobile version also had to integrate last year’s (2018) catalog content and keep Augmented Reality capabilities

  • Touch-Screen Version

The Results

Through all of our combined efforts, not a single tree was cut this year to produce the new catalog and every single consumer, reseller or prospect now has access to the complete line of Rinox Catalogs and that, no matter what device they’re using.

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