Project Description

Project Description:

2018 Rinox Interactive Catalogs – Rinox EXP App

Rinox EXP Mockup

Project Summary:


Rinox, a concrete products manufacturer was celebrating its 20th birthday in 2018. As a personal gift, they treated themselves with the very first interactive catalog’s app in their industry. Available on Google Play and on Apple’s App Store, RinoxEXP allows the prints to come alive right before your eyes and provide valuable additional informations. The majority of the pages are markers that once detected by the app, give additional informations to the user.

The Concept

Once triggered, these pages show either the product’s web page with the correct price depending on location and country, a video related to the product, a 360 picture showcasing a project that used that product or an interactive 3D model of a project that used that same product. These pages are easily identifiable with four different icons explained at the beginning of the catalog. This way, retailers, salespeople and the public can enjoy a truly unique experience and Rinox, always aware of innovations, knew how to properly leverage on that Augmented Reality catalog.

The app also generates leads with an  integrated form that users can fill up and send directly to Rinox’s sales department. They can also identify where the traffic comes from on their website, if it was linked by the app for instance, and all that packaged with a great looking and functional catalog that partners, clients and the public loves to use and that will be a great conversation starter at a business meeting, an event or a tradeshow.

The Results

The app got a sustainable 2,000+ downloads as well as being actively used by both Rinox resellers and curious clients looking for an ongoing exterior construction project, a pool sidewalk and so on. Interactive catalogs ARE and remain a great way to engage with your prospects and clients because they offer a third and fourth dimension to your prints and generate valuable leads.

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