Project Description

Project Description:

National Energy Equipment AR app

iPad + MacBook mockup

Project Summary


National Energy Equipment, distributor of high-end fireplaces such as Majestic, Marquis/Kingsman and BellFire wanted to develop a one-of-a-kind selling tool for it’s retailers to help them drive more sales, recruit more retailers and showcase the complete line of product without having to install every single fireplaces in a showroom, or bringing dozens of catalogs to a customer’s home.

The Concept

With augmented reality, we can place true to size fireplaces directly at their customers’ homes and show them exactly how and what it feels like to have a high end gas fireplace fitted into their homes. From there, salesmen have access to the complete lineup’s catalogs both in english and in their french version, so no need to carry around countless paper catalogs. In addition, the tool allows them to ;

  • Quickly produce a detailed quote, on-site, with the latest updated prices

  • Print the quote through airprint or send it through email to the client

  • Save project quotes for later follow-ups

  • Share pictures of the fireplace at it’s exact spot through email, social networks etc

  • and much much more

The Results

The response was instant as clients now have a better feel of the scale of the product, how it will look in their home and how the flame burns in this exact fireplace through videos and 3D animations, not static photos.

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