Project Description

Mill Street brewery VR tour

PATIO INTERACTIVE, a Toronto-Based digital agency, mandated us to create a Samsung Gear VR app to host a virtual reality tour of the now famous Mill Street Brewery in Toronto (awesome beer by the way if you’ve never tried) they shot during summer 2017. The concept is simple, we need a very functional and fail-safe Samsung Gear VR app. It also had to be noob-proof obviously so keeping it as simple as possible was the key. An other key aspect was that content must be contained in the app but can be swapped remotely overnight if updated on the server. That way, no need to do annoying updates or stopping the show.

With our white-label VR app, with which you have the option to update your content remote without any manipulations, we create this virtual tour that takes you through all the steps of brewing a perfect beer just like Mill Street does. Ever wondered what goes in to the fabrication of your favorite amber liquid? Go check it out at the brewery! You won’t regret it.

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