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Project Description:

#Granbyestzoo AR App and Tour Guide

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Project Brief

You must have certainly heard about the Pokemon Go phenomenom during summer 2016 right? This augmented reality game had the effect of a bomb on the digital world with it’s million daily users and it’s billions of Pokemons captured. It is from this idea of augmented reality (AR) treasure hunting that our partners and clients ArtBox got inspired to pitch that idea to the Granby municipality in combination with their #Granbyestzoo campaign.

The tourist industry as to constantly reinvent itself and be innovative in order to stay relevant and target the proper people to make them come again and again in their region. It is this thrive to stay innovative that will keep young and older tourists to keep coming into town. The concept for this project was simple : The town has all kinds of animal sculptures placed at strategic spots in the city, all kinds of animals that we can find at the Granby Zoo, just a couple of minutes away from town center. The app « Granby est zoo », available for both iOs and Android animates these animals with augmented reality and allows it’s users to take pictures up close with them as if they could touch them. Who never wanted to pet a lion or a zebra in the middle of the street and show it to all of your Facebook friends.

The project became an interactive touristic portal for the city because the app’s users roaming around town help the administration determine where the tourists go in order to provide better services and better ad placement for next year. Placed at strategic spots around the city, these animals and markers can easily be changed depending on holidays, seasons or just for fun. This dynamic content can even invite residents to become tourists in their own town!

Once the photo has been taken, the #Granbyestzoo skin is automatically placed on the image for the users to contribute to the virality of that hashtag when they share their pictures on social media of with their friends. Just as we were able to see in the TVA Nouvelle news report covering the launch of the app, kids and adults really loved the concept and it was an instant hit!

Numbers don’t lie ; More than 1,200 downloads during the first week only with unpaid organic reach to tourists and the numbers remained stable two weeks after the launch.

What’s next you might ask?

Proud of their new tool, the city planned a second phase to that project but focusing more on patrimonial sites. Why? Such app allows, thanks to it’s dashboard, to evaluate tourists movements around the city, their interests as well as the ability to do visitor’s studies  and quick surveys in-app. These data are a real gold mine for marketers and tourist departments as they provide a true and precise understanding of their client’s interests, predict their needs and offer a truly comprehensive analysis on their behaviours.

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