Project Description



For fall’s 2017 recruiting campaign,  CEPSUM the University of Montreal sports center needed an engaging and innovative way to reach their students and motivate them to register to the gym. The organisation in charge of the sports program decided to use virtual reality in order to showcase the energy and the thrill happening during different sport classes.


Using a 360 camera filming all around the room, we were able to film different clips happening during specific classes. These classes were a Yoga class, a Zoomba class, Crossfit, as well as an intimate shot between two handball periods showing how intense and fun team sports can be with great people. These different stations, filmed at the heart of the event, were then projected in the Samsung Gear VR helmet to immerse the visitors the day of the launch.


Our video streaming app was use for that project to respect the tight budget and delay, as well as keeping the possibility of content swap if anything was changing mid-presentation. Also, we can capture all of the app’s analytics remotely almost in real-time when connected to wifi.

Our team also filmed the whole production =.

The result

A lot of names were taken during the recruiting activation for people to register to different classes. At the same time, the organisation distinguished itself because of the innovative techniques they used to catch the attention.

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