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Richard Blouin

Richard Blouin

Innovator and passionate about virtual 3d world, Richard has been involved in the field of virtual reality and simulation for more than 15 years and dedicated himself to bring the experience of virtual 3d content to a wide range of industries. During his first years, he started as a production modeller and designer in the flight simulation industry for various commercial and military training projects with the creation of multiple virtual airports around the world as well as customer and training supports.

He continued his career as a consultant in modelling and simulation for the support of R&D projects in the field of training and simulations where he developed an expertise and a set of skills in the study of new technologies and solutions for training, maintenance and analysis based tools for public & private sector.

Over the past few years, he kept pursuing his passion but as an entrepreneur in the company he founded, Simfusion, by creating 3D apps and softwares as products and services for multiple industries. With new technologies constantly emerging and the fast growing support of virtual content, let’s make something great and exciting together!

Félix LeBlanc

Coming from a research marketing and management background from UQAM’s business school, Felix is no short of business ideas and creative ways to use technology in true business situations. Previously owner of a retail store as well as some other businesses, no details are left undone when it comes to making sure the project’s quality is where it’s supposed to be at.

More recently joining SimFusion as Chief of Operations and project manager, do not hesitate to drop him a line if you want to discuss your next project and brainstorm on how technology can help YOU and your business drive more sales and transmit your passion on a whole new level.

Félix LeBlanc

Maybe you?

We’re currently looking for some experienced programers prefferably living in Montreal but might be remote. Want to work on some exciting projects in an expanding company?

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