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Project Description

TouchScreen StairCase configurator

To keep his status of leader in Quebec and to offer a new way to show the infinite possibilities of the stairscase, we created a mobile Configurator for Le Centre de l’Escalier. This way the sales team can carry their whole inventory with them on the road.

With this mobile app, your sales team can create a custom solution for each client. If a picture worth a thousand words, imagine having exactly the picture your client wants to see! Of course, we limit the app with the possible combination.

It’s even possible to generate an estimate of the cost directly to the app and to connect everything to your CRM.

If you want to give a WOW effect to your customer and help your sales team to perform better, we have the solution for you.

If you want more information or a demo, you just need to fill the form in “Accelerate your Growth Today!”

Accelerate your Growth Today!

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